Toon Shooters 2: The Freelancers (iOS & Android)

Published by mooff on August 19th, 2016

A lot of fans have asked us to get Toon Shooters 1 onto Android – sadly we couldn’t easily port the old code… nevermind, we’ll just make a new even more awesome sequel.  Toon Shooters 2: The Freelancers is everything a side-scrolling stg/shmup should aspire to be.

Giant robots, putrid space worms… another evil galactic federation with devious intentions.  The only real side-scrolling shmup on the appstore/playstore that you can play together with friends & strangers alike.

Coming soon, ask us for more info :D

Boot Club: Brawlers – Demo Vid Number 2 :D

Published by mooff on May 12th, 2016

So back in early April I sat down with my brother before we watched Wrestlemania on his apple TV… browsing through the tvOS appstore we couldn’t find that many co-op games to play which gives me more reason to get Boot Club on there.

Boot Club: Brawlers – iOS/Android/ Apple TV (and more)

Published by mooff on January 7th, 2016

We’re working on a new brawling/hacknslash game at the turn of the year called Boot Club: Brawlers.

In a time set just after Super Boys – the gameplay has been melded together from Maximus, Blackmoor, Super Boys & some other classics.

Support for Apple TV and MFi will be included and it’s likely to be available on a gaming site like Kongregate at some point.


- More info when worth sharing :)


Super Boys, the Big Fight Trailer – Team Battle iOS & Android

Published by mooff on October 1st, 2015

SUPER BOYS, a team battle game for iOS & Android!
Droid Google Play: download!
iOS App Store: download!

The year is 2019 and everyone’s bored of TV, celebrities and games. Everything is inflated.

SUPER BOYS – The Big Fight, is an ultra violent TV show where fighters from across the globe form teams that clobber each other to win money, toasters and blu-ray players.

The overpowered Heroes and Bosses of old games are being crushed and have to team up to survive the onslaught against an enemy they cannot defeat, the new Super Boys.

Featuring characters from all of our worlds (Toon Shooters, Maximus, Blackmoor, Dungeon Time & Bearadise) and a special appearance by… the Purple Shirted Eye Stabber from Cyanide & Happiness (!


•  53 unique playable characters (6 types, Warriors, Undead, Toons, Techs, Beasts & Wizards)
•  Team building, assemble your own combination of fighters compete for big prizes
•  Meaningful ‘Star’ system, 1-4 star characters (lower star characters have a purpose for once)
•  20 arena maps
•  Ascend the Tower (of Big Dreams) , 100+ stages
•  Realtime PVP compete for ratings, Tag-Team or FFA (8 Player) – bash your friends up
•  Ladder PVP compete for weekly prizes
•  Cross platform (Android & iOS) & Cloud saving
•  Incredible face smashing music by Matthew Pablo


•  iPhone 5/iPad Air/Mini 2/Galaxy S4 and above

This game does contain a few in-apps, but all content is unlockable through gameplay, just like our other games!

If you’re having weird multi-touch issues, this usually does the trick, go to:

Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom > Turn Off

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Dungeon Time – Our first Unity3D Game

Published by mooff on September 30th, 2015

So, while Super Boys was in hiatus (it was handed over for server stuff) – We decided to make a jump to Unity3D… making 3D games!

Kwok and I (Simon) had no experience before the switch in 3D but honestly, that didn’t seem to be a problem because of the vast amount of help available online.  It REALLY helps if you have a good grasp of English.  I guess this is something overlooked when deciding to learn online since the majority of help you’ll find is written/spoken in English.

Oh yeah here’s the cool thing,  Unity (Pro) was made FREE the same time we started learning it so there was no extra money headaches with licenses and all that.

Neither of us knew which 3D tools to pick up, the choice was 3DS Max, Maya or this program Kwok saw that I never heard of called Blender.

Surely Blender wouldn’t be any good? I mean, it’s free…wait, what… it’s FREE?  OK what the hell, let’s check it out and see if it’s any good for the models we need.

I must say that was the best decision we made so far.  Blender has been amazingly easy to pick up.  The support and tutorials are abundant, the UI is friendly and the files are accepted by Unity!  Oh and no need to dish out 10k USD on more licenses.  Just remember everything you will experience with our unity games were built with free software, in case anyone out there wondered if it was possible – it is.

That being said, I donated to the Blender Foundation because their software and effort is totally worth it. Donate here!

So, I trawled Youtube for as many quickfire blender tutorials as possible and artists like PigArt on Youtube inspired me very quickly as we made our transition from 2D to 3D. This is what I put together after 2 hours in my maiden week:

Quite a portly fellow


6 months later, I think I’ve made decent progress and although I wish I could go much faster my philosophy has always been to just pick something you love doing and give it your best shot.  That’s how you make something ‘magical’ – by caring about what you’re doing regardless of how inexperienced you are at it.

For a while, doing 3D modelling became an addiction as I literally sunk in 100 hours a week figuring out X, Y and Z and sleeping way too late trying to create all sorts of nonsense.  I think 50% of the work was just learning and getting fast with the keyboard shortcuts.  I had already mastered Flash, but now I had to switch to Unity and Blender and not confuse them together.. yeah that was a bit tough.


Right, that was the software part… what about the actual game?  We started with a couple ideas, most of them didn’t click.. but we knew we wanted the following things

  • More randomness to the stage
  • Co-operative multiplayer
  • Utilize some of the 3D space
  • Continue using our built up characters & story

    Four heroes, Four skins (harhar)

Dungeon Time is a top-down ‘Gauntlet’ dungeon crawler with the bonus of having a pinch of Mooff Games spice.  Bosses, exploring various environments, different characters, ragdoll dying… LOTS of it.

The game supports the idea of people using different characters to compliment each other with healing, protection, damage roles.

We took care of the usually-poor mobile controls with a very smart auto-aiming system without the use of dual-sticks so most of what you care about is your positional awareness and ammo.  Tell us how it is later, we really like it.


I think i’ll just leave it there for now as we wrap up the remaining parts of the game and target a November 2015 launch date for iOS & Android.  It’s a free game, with the option of unlocking the whole thing for $1.99.  Will this be a hidden gem? Probably… you heard it here first then :)

Trailer to follow when it’s time… Dungeon Time!

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